Meet our mascot, Sondrine

Get to know how we came up with the idea of a tiny space probe as a mascot for TelemetryDeck.

Lisa Figas

Lisa is TelemetryDeck's co-founder and product/marketing person
TelemetryDeck mug

One of the most important pieces of advice when building a business is to ensure that the business fits your personality. This is because only then can you work on it with full strength and joy in the long term.

While business models, hierarchical levels, and management structures may come to mind first, this also includes our mascot: Sondrine.

Sondrine, the TelemetryDeck mascot

What does Sondrine mean to us?

Sondrine is a space probe that sends essential telemetry data to her ground station. She is small, hardworking, ethical, and adorable, embodying the values that TelemetryDeck stands for.

  • Small: we build our SDKs to be lightweight and avoid unnecessarily increasing the app's size.
  • Hardworking: we diligently manage our customers data and grow with the challenges that its sheer volume and complexity bring. Ever since we celebrated our one-billionth signal, we can pretty confidently call ourselves a big-data provider.
  • Ethical: we only store and manage the data we need, and we give our customers the tools to do the same, while cutting all ties to customers personal data automatically.
  • Adorable: we're always responsive and friendly to questions and problems, and we try to help as quickly as possible. And our "privacy by design" approach protects app users and saves our customers a lot of paperwork because TelemetryDeck does not fall under the GDPR.
Sondrine sticker

The story behind Sondrine

Some of you may have noticed that Daniel, founder and CTO of TelemetryDeck, is very into space and space travel. This is how he got the idea for the company name and mascot.

Daniel wearing a Sondrine shirt

While Daniel is an exceptional developer with many talents, he enlisted the help of Charlotte for the design of Sondrine. Charlotte was our first employee at TelemetryDeck and provided fantastic development and design support in many ways. She spent several days designing Sondrine and provided us with initial sketches.

Charlotte with Sondrine

Our friend and supporter, Flo, then took over the second iteration and turned the drawing into a graphic file. His version is still our mascot today and can be found in different versions on our presentations, t-shirts, mugs, stickers, and more.

Sondrine on an iPhone

Your Sondrine

We love seeing pictures of Sondrine stickers on people's laptops, notebooks, phones and other devices, so we've distributed some of our favourite pics over this article. If you'd like to see your photo included, please send us a picture of your Sondrine sticker on your device (or shirt, or whatever).

Horst is sticking Sondrine to his notebook.

We are also giving away some stickers that we will send by mail. To participate in the raffle, send us your complete address (including your country). We cannot promise a specific date for shipping, but we will do our best to send a piece of TelemetryDeck to everyone who is interested.

Please contact Lisa directly: lisa [at] telemetrydeck . com