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Plausible vs. TelemetryDeck: Discover your ideal analytics alternative

We're comparing Plausible and TelemetryDeck, two popular options for analytics. This page will help you understand their key features, pricing, and benefits of each option. By the end, you'll have the information you need to decide which one fits your needs best.

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Choosing the perfect, privacy-friendly alternative

Let’s talk about Plausible and TelemetryDeck, two players in the world of analytics.

In an age where data is used like currency, these tools offer a much-needed alternative to traditional heavyweights like Google Analytics. Privacy-friendly and packed with features, they empower you to understand your audience without infringing on their rights. Choosing the right tool can make a huge difference to your data insights. So, let's dive in!

Let's talk about pricing

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We scale and grow with you - an affordable option for those who are just getting started or who are crushing the numbers!

In comparison to Google Analytics, both Plausible and TelemetryDeck come with a cost. However, they provide a crucial advantage - privacy-friendly analytics. Unlike Google, which offers its service "for free" but sells the data it collects, Plausible and TelemetryDeck respect user privacy and do not sell user data.

Plausible comes at a small cost making it accessible for most, but it only offers a 30-day trial and no free tier. On the other hand, TelemetryDeck offers a free tier with up to 100,000 signals per month, providing an affordable option for those getting started or with lower website traffic.

However, it's important to note that with the free tier of TelemetryDeck, users don't see data past the first 100,000 signals. This means that if your website has high traffic and you want to see all your data in your charts, you'll need to upgrade your plan once you exceed the 100,000 signals! Check our pricing page for more information.

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Customize your experience

With TelemetryDeck you can not only customize your events, but also your dashboard - if you want!

When it comes to dashboards, Plausible and TelemetryDeck take slightly different approaches. Plausible offers a pre-defined dashboard that neatly packs all the crucial metrics in one place. It's straightforward and user-friendly, making it a breeze to understand your website’s performance at a glance.

TelemetryDeck, on the other hand, provides a bit more flexibility. While it does offer preset dashboards for quick insights, it also gives you the option to customize your dashboards. This means you can tailor your data view to focus on the metrics that matter most to you. It might take a little bit more time to set up, but this customization can make your analytics even more relevant and actionable.

Custom Dashboards. 
Customize your experience with TelemetryDeck's dashboards
Event tracking. 
Capture specific user interactions within your app to analyze behaviors and optimize user experiences.
Pre-made dashboards. 
All the key insights every product leader needs are ready and waiting for you.

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After comparing both TelemetryDeck and Plausible, we can acknowledge both are strong alternatives to traditional analytics tools. However, we believe TelemetryDeck definitely has the upper hand with its customizable dashboards, free tier for up to 100,000 signals per month, and our se of features! We are sure we make a compelling choice for those who value flexibility, affordability, privacy, and a wide range of capabilities. While Plausible has its strengths, it's worthwhile to consider TelemetryDeck for the additional benefits it offers. Remember, the right analytics tool can significantly enhance your data insights! Try TelemetryDeck now 🙂

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