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Visual Studio App Center is closing down soon – You found the perfect replacement

TelemetryDeck doesn't just offer the same analytics features, but goes a step further by prioritizing user privacy! Read on to see how TelemetryDeck compares against App Center Analytics and why it's the perfect choice for your migration.

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Mircosoft Visual Studio App Center is scheduled for retirement on March 31, 2025

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When is Visual Studio App Center closing down?

Microsoft announced that their Visual Studio App Center solution is scheduled for retirement on March 31, 2025.

After that date, it will not be possible to do any API calls, making it officially unusable and out of service.

They offer a small set of alternatives that are not tailored around analytics. Instead, you have to pick from options that may not provide the same depth of data analysis or user insight. At TelemetryDeck we prioritize analytics and provide you with the tools to get the insights you need.

What we offer

Everything you need in one package

TelemetryDeckVisual Studio App Center
Custom dashboards
Custom events
Multi-platform support
Real-time analytics
Lightweight design
A/B testing
Consent-free tracking
iOS, macOS, and tvOS support
watchOS and visionOS support
Leo has found and closed a drop-off in Structured's onboarding process with TelemetryDeck

Leo has found and closed a drop-off in Structured's onboarding process with TelemetryDeck

After receiving thousands of requests, Structured is now available on Android!

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“It's so good I love it, honestly I've been looking for an analytics tool for months and this is just perfect.”

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Baptiste Faure

“I really am enjoying the MASSIVE improvement that TelemetryDeck has made to my analytics. Thanks again!”

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Daniel 'Jelly' Farrelly

We help you move your data!

Contact us for questions regarding your migration. We help you get started with TelemetryDeck!

Breakdown of what a Signal in TelemetryDeck consists of, as well as demonstrating that the identifiers are hashed and not identifyable.

All the data, all the privacy

As soon as you make the switch to TelemetryDeck, you get all the data without the privacy hassle.

We build our analytics software with privacy in mind, so that you can focus more on your app and business. We anonymize and salt the user data, and it is mathematically impossible to identify single users.

User Identifiers are always double-hashed.

Cookieless Tracking. 
We do not store any data at all in cookies so you don't have to show annoying cookie banners or deal with GDPR hassle.
Double-Hashing Anonymization. 
TelemetryDeck's double-hashing process anonymizes data directly on the user's device before it ever reaches our servers.
User Access Control. 
TelemetryDeck has fantastically flexible access control tools at your disposal.

Custom dashboards, custom events

TelemetryDeck's custom dashboard and events offer a flexible and personalized approach to analytics. With the freedom to customize your dashboard to your needs, you have the power to interpret your data in the way that best serves your business. This includes, but is not limited to:

Custom Dashboards. 
Customize your experience with TelemetryDeck's dashboards
Event tracking. 
Capture specific user interactions within your app to analyze behaviors and optimize user experiences.
Pre-made dashboards. 
All the key insights every product leader needs are ready and waiting for you.
Screenshot of the TelemetryDeck dashboard showing advanced charts with different data.

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We offer a feature-rich and privacy-friendly alternative to the retiring Microsoft App Center Analytics. Compared to Visual Studio App Center pricing we offer transparent pricing tiers, with a generous amount of signals to get started. With advanced features such as custom dashboards and events, real-time analytics, and a focus on user privacy, TelemetryDeck stands out as capable choice. Its lightweight design ensures efficient performance, and its compliance with international privacy regulations makes it a worry-free solution!

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