Plantbuddy loves the individual setup of the signals and the dashboard

Plantbuddy helps you to keep your plants alive. Whether it's at home, in a shared apartment or in the office: you can create a clear overview of all the rooms and plants that you want to care for regularly, and you will receive individual reminders that remind you to water and fertilize them. Since the latest version, it is even possible to care for your plants together with others and synchronise them on multiple devices. Plantbuddy recently had its 1 year anniversary. So far, it has been installed over 25 000 times.

Jonathan Is Checking Stats Every Morning

CoasterRadio mobile is an app to supplement the podcast, a weekly podcast all about the theme park and amusement industry, and self-proclaimed “Original Theme Park Podcast.” Users have quick access to the entire podcast catalog in searchable form, all 15 seasons and over 600 episodes. The show encourages contributions from listeners, and users are able to record “live trip reports” in the app from theme parks and send them directly to the producers. Additionally, app users also have access to Theme Park News from, a daily news briefing about the amusement industry. The original version of the app was dropped from the App Store back in 2016, but in May 2021 it was totally rebuilt from the ground-up using SwiftUI and re-released.

Aaron Is Improving the Sales Funnel With Telemetry

HomeRun is a HomeKit control app for iOS and watchOS. It gives you super fast control of your home from your wrist, home screen, or in the app. It helps you set up grids for different times of the day and is designed to help you perform checks as quickly as possible. Aaron Pearce first released HomeRun in April 2018. In June 2021 HomeRun 2 was introduced.

Rubén Is Improving Features With Telemetry

Precio Luz España provides price information about the Spanish electricity market. On June 1st 2021, a new law introduced new electricity prices for customers who are subscribed to a government regulated plan. The price of electricity increased significantly, and big hourly differences arose throughout the course of the day. The app provides users with detailed, up-to-date pricing information to help organize their highest consumption to low price hours.

Sébastien Is Logging Events With Telemetry

Print to Size is a home printing app that helps you size your prints to make cards, labels, and more. Sébastien Molines developed it in 2014 as an opportunity to write Swift code, which was brand new at the time, and the app has since found an audience among scrapbookers, craftspeople, and tattoo artists.