2023 Summer Update

We're taking the time to celebrate the small and medium business successes. And there are quite a few of those right now.

Lisa Figas

Lisa is TelemetryDeck's co-founder and product/marketing person
Daniel, Lisa, and a pot of chives

Look, about the photo we choose for this post: I don't have the necessary comedic skills to really explain the situation Daniel and I found ourselves in the other day. Outside a tiny bar, our patented* anymizing sunglasses on, discussing business over a pot of chives. You'll just have to believe me. What's important is this: we take the time to celebrate the small and medium business successes. And there are quite a few of those right now.

*not really patented

Two billion signals

So remember last January when we finally reached one billion signals in our data set after literal years of growth?

Turns out, the next billion just took us six months! On July 16th, we've reached 2,000,000,000 signals in our dataset and growing ever faster! 🚀

We're super happy and excited to see bigger customers and more customers trust us with their data. Thank you so much – all this wouldn't be possible without you! We'll continue to anonymize and store and analyze your data with diligence and care.

Sondrine nearly drowning in signal cubes

We've created a coupon code to celebrate: use code 2BILLION at checkout to get 50% off your order for an entire year (the coupon expires at the end of July, so better hurry).

Customers and MRR

We have signed up a very important customer, Stadtwerke Augsburg. We have been working towards signing the contract for a long time and are very pleased that the project has now started. A detailed report can be found here.

Apart from that, several times a month, we are happy about customers who upgrade from the free version to a paid plan. There's a little happy dance in the chat every time.

Currently, about 50 developers and companies create an account on TelemetryDeck every month. The signups come from all over the world. The top 10 countries our customers come from are:

  • USA
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Netherlands
  • France
  • Austria
  • China
  • India

We're growing and that's amazing! But we still need your help: tell your friends and coworkers about TelemetryDeck. Bring us up in the next Kickoff meeting at your place of work. And consider using TelemetryDeck for your own apps. With your help, we can make it normal and boring and easy to have analytics without negative privacy implications!


Our biggest new feature this spring was the advent of A/B testing. Our customers can now show two different versions of a screen or a feature to different users, and we help them get a good idea which version is better suited for their purposes.

Screenshot of an AB Testing Insight

Other than that, we've been busy working on lots of under-the-hood changes in the last months that will be the basis for cool new features. And we've been fixing bugs. Lots of bugs.

If you can still find a bug, please let us know via our public bug tracker. Feature requests and general ideas should also land there, please. We love hearing from you and are incredibly grateful for all your feedback.

One thing that is in active development is our updated JavaScript SDKs. We'll be splitting up the current SDK into a “web only” part intended for e.g. WordPress and other mostly-static sites. The web-only SDK will be easier to use and just be one line of code to paste into your page. We'll be in touch with an email to all current users of the SDK with updating instructions, as this will be a breaking change.

The rest of the JavaScript SDK we'll convert into a pure SDK for package-based JS web applications. You'll be installing it via npm and it will provide a better API to control how you're sending signals.

Based on that new JS SDK we're hoping to be able to provide support for React and React Native soon as well. 🚀


We are making progress in putting the company on a stable foundation for the coming years. The process will take some time, but we are optimistic about the future and are planning our first full-time hires.

Events. A lot of Events!

In my role as a female founder of a tech startup, who also has two children, I am currently often invited to speak on stages about my experiences. I am a rare unicorn! 🦄

Lisa attends a lot of events

I really enjoy growing my network through the panel discussions and interviews and telling even more people out there about TelemetryDeck.

It's funny how a lot of people aren't that interested in learning about my company at first when I say I'm in privacy. But then they understand that it's also relevant to their own lives not to permanently feed all their activities into advertising networks.

We still have a lot of educating to do and all of you who read along here, use our software or post about us on social media—you are contributing. Thank you for that!