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TelemetryDeck is the analytics solution delivering vital data on your product's usage without any legal or technical hurdles. Use customer behavior insights to optimize your app and exceed expectations.

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Usage analytics without legal and organizational hassles

Add our SDK to your product in 4 minutes and see anonymized usage data.

TelemetryDeck provides actionable insights to elevate your user experience, customer success, development workflows, and conversion metrics. It achieves this while ensuring full privacy compliance, as it processes no personally identifiable information. This makes TelemetryDeck straightforward to incorporate into your application, enabling you to begin utilizing the data right away.

The telemetryDeck dashboard with a view of the main interface showing some standard insights like app versions and system versions.

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Quick Setup for fast-moving development teams

As a small business ourselves, we understand the struggle of having too little time for too many tasks. That's why we've built a service that's quick to integrate and easy to use.

Ultra-quick setup. 
TelemetryDeck can be integrated into your product, app or website in minutes
Event tracking. 
Capture specific user interactions within your app to analyze behaviors and optimize user experiences.
Cookieless Tracking. 
We do not store any data at all in cookies so you don't have to show annoying cookie banners or deal with GDPR hassle.

“Can't believe how easy and useful TelemetryDeck is. Love the dashboard customisation options. Looks like I'll be adding some analytics to some apps.”

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Jordi Bruin
Posture Pal

“2 days in and I learned a lot already! 50% of users are on the Apple Watch and one important feature seems to be invisible to 2/3 of the users. Something I can hopefully improve in the future! Fantastic product!”


“I integrated Telemetry and it's now been released on the store – so cool seeing the signals come in real time! And the setup process was really simple too 😍”

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Shaun Donnelly
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Without a data scientist on your team, sifting through large volumes of data to find relevant information can be challenging. We simplify this by highlighting the most crucial data by default. Interested in exploring further? Easily craft your own queries with the TelemetryDeck Query Language or use our Visual Query Editor. Our tools are designed to adapt to the evolving needs of your business.

Pre-made dashboards. 
All the key insights every product leader needs are ready and waiting for you.
Visual Query Editor. 
Unlock insights effortlessly with our visual query editor
TelemetryDeck Query Language. 
Use our JSON-based query language to retrieve exactly the data you need in exactly the format you need it.

Forget consent management

100% hassle-free GDPR compliant

If you don't have a designated legal team, dealing with the GDPR is a major challenge. But we can make it easier with: Consent management.

Because TelemetryDeck's user tracking doesn't process any personal data, there's no need to ask for consent, or manage deletion requests. This can save you tons of development time and reduce the days spent on bureaucratic tasks such as filling out forms and addressing deletion requests.


Reasonable pricing

100,000 signals for free

SaaS pricing can be scary. We understand that. Learn, how TelemetryDeck's prices are calculated.

We have made it our mission to support app developers from all over the world in making good apps even better. In our opinion, this is only possible if TelemetryDeck offers its service at fair conditions. When you create an account with us, the following happens:

  • 100,000 signals for free
  • If you exceed the free plan we still store all your data
  • Paid plans start at €19/month
  • Upgrade when you want, if you want
  • Paid plans enable extra analytics and views

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