TelemetryDeck supports React Native

Privacy-First, Real-Time Analytics for React Native Apps

TelemetryDeck is the privacy-focused Analytics for React Native Apps. Gain actionable insights to improve user journeys, boost customer success, streamline development, and increase conversions—all without processing any personal data. Easy integration lets you start leveraging data instantly.


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5 minute setup

Include TelemetryDeck in your App with these 3 steps

This is how you get your analytics data:

  • Step 1: Create an account and get started for free
  • Step 2: Install the SDK into your app using your favourite package manager
  • Step 3: Publish your app

Done! You’ll see real-time data on your dashboard within minutes.

TelemetryDeck offers actionable insights to enhance your user journey, customer success, development process, and conversion rates. Moreover, it does not process any personally identifiable information. This makes TelemetryDeck easy to integrate into your app, allowing you to start working with the data immediately.


const td = createTelemetryDeck({  
  app: process.env.APP_ID, 

const App = () => {
  return (
    <TelemetryDeckProvider telemetryDeck={td}>
      <Dashboard />

  <App />, 
The TelemetryDeck dashboard with a view of the main interface showing some standard insights like app versions and system versions.
LIVESTREAM: React 19 is coming – here's what's changing


React 19 is coming – here's what's changing

Join us for an in-depth livestream on React 19.

We'll cover new features like the React Compiler and Actions, discuss pitfalls and notable differences, and explore the TelemetryDeck React SDK's compatibility. Learn how to upgrade from older versions and understand the implications for React Native. We'll also delve into the release process, including the timeline for the full version, and highlight the stabilization of React Server Components.

This session is perfect for React developers looking to stay ahead of the curve. We are looking forward to an informal discussion, in which we would love to have participants from the audience.

Get started in minutes

Quick Setup for fast-moving development teams

As a startup ourselves, we understand the struggle of having too little time for too many tasks. That's why we've built a service that's quick to integrate and easy to use.

Ultra-quick setup. 
TelemetryDeck can be integrated into your product, app or website in minutes
Event tracking. 
Capture specific user interactions within your app to analyze behaviors and optimize user experiences.
Cookieless Tracking. 
We do not store any data at all in cookies so you don't have to show annoying cookie banners or deal with GDPR hassle.

“Can't believe how easy and useful TelemetryDeck is. Love the dashboard customisation options. Looks like I'll be adding some analytics to some apps.”

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Jordi Bruin
Posture Pal

“2 days in and I learned a lot already! 50% of users are on the Apple Watch and one important feature seems to be invisible to 2/3 of the users. Something I can hopefully improve in the future! Fantastic product!”


“I integrated Telemetry and it's now been released on the store – so cool seeing the signals come in real time! And the setup process was really simple too 😍”

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Shaun Donnelly
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Gain value immediately

Get started with the most valuable charts

At the beginning, it can be difficult to select the relevant information from large amounts of data. We support you by showing you the most important data by default. Need more? No problem create your own queries using the TelemetryDeck Query Language or our Visual Query Editor.

Pre-made dashboards. 
All the key insights every product leader needs are ready and waiting for you.
Visual Query Editor. 
Unlock insights effortlessly with our visual query editor
TelemetryDeck Query Language. 
Use our JSON-based query language to retrieve exactly the data you need in exactly the format you need it.

Forget consent management

All of the data, none of the asking

Dealing with the GDPR is a major challenge for startups and we can't make this EU regulation go away. But what we can do for you is make a very time-consuming part of GDPR compliance obsolete: Consent management.

Since user tracking with TelemetryDeck does not process any personal data, you do not need to request consent, document the safe storage of data, and react to deletion requests. This easily saves you hours of development time and days of filling out forms and responding to deletion requests.

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