TelemetryDeck Member Shoutout

Every month we present apps from our customers and focus on a specific topic. Find out how you can participate in a member shoutout.

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Every month we set a theme and introduce apps that match it. We give a stage to all those app developers who use TelemetryDeck for privacy-friendly analysis of their app. Promoted apps are featured on Twitter, Mastodon and in our newsletter. We also post the link to the respective Member Shoutout blog post on LinkedIn.

Past member shoutouts

We have presented these topics in the past months:

If you are new to TelemetryDeck and your app fits into one of these topics, you are also welcome to apply now.

Upcoming member shoutouts

These are the upcoming topics:

  • May 2024: Mac apps
  • June 2024: Time
  • July 2024: Food and cooking apps (revisited)
  • August 2024: Kids & school
  • September 2024: Fun
  • October 2022: Mental health (revisited)
  • November 2024: Finance

If your app fits into one of these topics, please apply and follow these rules:

Apply for member shoutout

To be featured, please send us the following:

  • App icon (raw/not rounded)
  • Links
    • Mastodon
    • Threads
    • LinkedIn
    • Twitter / X
    • Link to the App Store/Play Store/download
    • Website
  • Short description of your app

Please submit information on your app via e-mail: lisa[at] Use subject member shoutout [month].

Please note, that the member shoutout is a special offer for customers of TelemetryDeck.

By the way, if your app celebrates a big success, or you're particularly proud of a launch, let us know. We'll be happy to support you with a repost or a retoot!